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Ready to own your spiritual development? Take charge of your own path and lived aligned as a spiritual being having a human existence.

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Magnetic You Introduction Welcome

 Magnetic You

Energy Meditation for Beginners

September 10 – October 1, 2022

Live Weekly Course via Zoom | $299 *See membership for discounts

Discover your ability to reduce stress, calm the mind, and balance your personal energy in a personalized, small group setting.

Did you know you are more than a physical body? You don’t just have energy—you are energy! For centuries practitioners have known the benefits of balancing the flow of energy along the body’s meridians, or chakras. And now, science is validating the existence of energy fields beyond atoms and electrons through quantum physics.

Ready to harness these evidence-based practices for yourself? Join us for a 4-week course as we explore how you can unlock your personal power to create a more fulfilling and abundant life. Previous experience is not necessary.

Course Benefits

  •  Improve mental focus and clarity
  •  Reduce stress and calm the mind
  •  Learn how to “listen to your gut” 
  •  Manifest desired outcomes beyond the power of positive thinking
  •  Discover the difference between energy and meditation

Do you have a difficult time quieting your mind? Most of us do, and many aren’t aware what we emit energetically is drawn back to us—like a magnet.  In Magnetic You, you’ll acquire the tools to manage and direct your own energy and create the experiences you desire.  As humans we interact with energy daily even if we’re not aware of it. We may not understand why we have resistance to change and how to transform limiting beliefs into positive choices for ourselves. Many of our challenges can be improved by removing blocks in our bodies’ energy fields.

 Course Topics

In this foundational course, you’ll gain practical knowledge you can incorporate into your daily practice.

  •  What is an energy field and where is mine?
  •  How do I ground and center myself?
  •  Can I develop my own intuition and how do I use it?
  •  How do I direct my focus from others to myself?
  •  How do triggers activate me?
  •  What are chakras and how do I align and renew my own?
  •  What is an auric field and how do I balance it?
  •  Why am I magnetic and how do I use it?
  •  How can I use my dream state to benefit my growth?
  •  How can I clear the blocks that limit my beliefs?
  •  Am I empathic?
  •  How do I remove blocks in my nervous system and subconscious memory?
  •  Do I have the capacity to heal myself and how do I do that?

Course Dates – Join Us Live Via Zoom (Camera On)

Renowned teacher, author, and medium Cynthia Rose will personally guide you on your journey in a safe and welcoming small group setting.  Can’t make a class? Enjoy the recorded session at your convenience.

  •  Saturday, September 10, 2022:  8am – 10:15 am PT / 11am – 1:15pm ET*
  •  Saturday, September 17, 2022:  8am – 10:15am PT / 11am – 1:15pm ET*
  •  Saturday, September 24, 2022:  8am – 10:15am PT / 11am – 1:15pm ET*
  •  Saturday, October 1, 2022:  8am – 10:15am PT / 11am – 1:15pm ET*

*Includes a 15-minute break

Course Requirements

No previous experience is necessary.  All you need is a willingness to grow and experience another aspect of who you are!

Are you considering a change in career or interested in finding your purpose? The world needs you now more than ever. The sky’s the limit as to what you want to create, and we must let go of the old to make room for the new. Being the change you want to see in the world is the first step to a more fulfilling life.  Join us!




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