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What Is Lighting Your Fire?

2022 astrology Nov 04, 2022

What Is Lighting Your Fire?

Hello my soul friend. There is such an interesting energy flowing this week. The contrast of light and dark is highlighting themes in each one of us personally. Some of you that like to blame poor old Mercury will doing that too this month. However Mercury is not the culprit. The planet that symbolizes our passions, our actions, our inner fire is Mars and Mars is closer to the earth than usual and taking time out for reflection so to speak. What does that mean if this energy is focused on reflection until January of 2023 now? Well, it means looking over a website and redoing, it or organizing writing of any kind. Learning how to communicate with your partner better or working to be more clear on what you want in a relationship while you are relating. In other words the focus is on communication of all kinds. Because Mars represents your vehicle, it may mean it’s time to take in for that work that is needed.

We are coming to an end of some area of tension in our lives. This planetary tension has been going on since January of 2020. By the end of November if we haven’t made some movement towards changes in an area of our life, we may try and keep things the same but adjustments may be needed. What a great time to get clear about what we want and it's not even January yet!

If there ever was a month to relax and let go of what is not working, look over plans and review them this is the month! As far as energy goes, it is a time to release old energies. It can work like this: You have had a tension going on inside of you but havent’ figured out how to find that peace. It seems you are doing okay and yet there is a tension. Don’t carry that tension with you; It is time to release it. I don’t tell people what they should do or which beliefs they should have but in this case I’d say, sort your beliefs and rejoice in them.

This could be a really lovely month full of joy and loving connections and deepening our communications with our loved ones.

A simple practice is to take time to write down what you want to let go of and then burn that paper or find a way of making it real for yourself. This is simple ritual of release. You can also write down and clarify what it is you want to experience or accomplish in 2023.

Now back to your inner fire.... After you have taken time to release what you need to let go of, consider how you can feed your inner fire. Amidst all the challenges we have in life, we need to take time to feed our soul's needs as well. Something inside sparks or lights up, we lose time when we do it, we feel a sense of peace when we practice it etc etc. For some, that can mean taking time for a new or old hobby, deciding on a challenge that is exciting and possibly scary as well. I think it's much too simple to say find your passion, because some of us have more than one! This could be the winter to feed your inner fire and get clear about what sparks you or making plans to look after yourself in a newer way. If you are having a hard time remember the world is a vast place. It is full of joy and misery and everything else in between. Sometimes we have to focus on the good stuff even while we are having to deal with the hard stuff. Be kind to yourself and others and I ask you "what is lighting your fire"? Look after yourself and remember there is never too much love in the world. 

Much Love,


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