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The Dolphin Frequency

Oct 16, 2022

The Dolphin Frequency

What is the dolphin frequency you may ask? Well, that depends on whether you connect with dolphins in the wild or in captivity. They have different frequencies. I’ve spoken before about how I have been a believe it to see it kind of person, always questioning. I share in my book the experience I had with dolphins, but today I wanted to specifically share about the dolphin frequency. An experience like none other, which is best described as an unbridled joy. A joy which one can only feel peaceful and loving at the same time. I had to experience to believe it, but when this happened to me, I didn’t know what to think. Having heard nothing about dolphins, when back home I was having coffee with a friend and I shared my experience out on the open sea. He told me this was old news to him and there were many people that believed certain things about dolphins. While I knew nothing, this was such a liberating and freeing experience. It was like being shown there was a whole other level of joy that I didn’t even know about until the moment I felt it. Myself, I have come to call this the dolphin frequency, which equates to joy.

After having such an amazing experience, I was now more curious and when I had the opportunity presented to me to visit dolphins in captivity; I went to two different places. The frequency was entirely different. One place I went, the dolphins seemed cared for and very tranquil and the other place well, let’s just say tears streamed down my face when I saw a particularly larger marine mammal. I had never experienced this before either and a short time later, a matter of weeks, this marine mammal became violent. The difference between the marine mammals in the wild and the different ones in captivity was a matter of frequency.

Everything is energy and has a frequency. In fact, each of us has our own frequency.

Another thing I’ve learned is we can allow more for ourselves in this life. How about allowing more joy into your life? Sometimes we don’t know there is another level of joy available to us and other times we seek it because something inside of us knows we can allow more for ourselves.

The thing about spiritual growth is we must invoke it for ourselves. No one grants it to us; We are in fact already divine, though our human may have some blocks around knowing that fact. The being part of our human knows different.

My experience of tuning in with those that have crossed over is one of a joyful reunion. I tell it like it is. I know sometimes people have regrets and need to come through to acknowledge the pain or regret they have about their life as well. In my experience, no one stays in that place, though. Losing my Mom young has meant I have had many years of learning from her as well. Being a medium is about frequency as well. To connect with loved ones, angels or guides on the other side, I must be in an elevated frequency to communicate with the fullness of who they are and who they were.

You could play with the idea of frequency. Feel into the frequency of everything around you. Take a walk, listen to music, look at colors, seasons, elements and tune in to frequency. Dolphins are not the only ones who have the joy frequency and it is available to us all the time. I wish for you, my friend, that you find your own frequency and one that includes joy. Please know that you are never alone and a loving frequency surrounds you always; It is your job to tune in. Enlightenment is not granted, it is invoked, allowed, and it begins when you begin.



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