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December 3rd 2022 12pm PT/1pm MT/2pm CT/3 pm 

Celebrate the continued love that comes through in a group mediumship and intuitive session with CynthiaRose. Love never dies. A group coming together to witness and experience the sacred ties of love that exist beyond death. 

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At Soul Studio we offer support for those who wish to develop their metaphysical gifts, learn, experience and practice healing, and receive support. We are all special and here we believe that with support of community we can thrive. We have healing and grief support groups if that is all you need at the time as well.  Decide what's best for you. See our monthly membership options for class discounts. Membership or La Carte options. Work in groups, or take a class or work with one person. Committing to our own spiritual evolution can make all the difference. You are in charge of your evolvement. Invoke your own growth and join us. 

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Meet Cynthia Rose and Brendan  



Cynthia Rose 

works Internationally as a Medium,  Astrologer and teacher.  She is a second generation medium. There were readers on both sides of her family and her mother was a gifted reader. Her great grandmother offered healings.  As a young girl Cynthia Rose was naturally clairaudient. (This is the ability to hear spirit.) Born mediumistic, she had regular communication with her grandfather who was in spirit and whom she had never met.

At 15 years old, she began readings, now known as channeling,  after a gifted astrologer did her astrological chart.  Cynthia Rose began studying Astrology  at sixteen years old. She continues to do astrology readings as well as chart rectification for those who do not know their birth time. 


At age seventeen she was the first and only young person to be invited to join a private psychic/healing group from the president of the Vancouver Psychic Society.  As a member of the group, She learned spiritual healing techniques and the ability to read energy of an individual. Spirit communication was also part of this group. Her hunger for knowledge and wisdom meant  that she was regularly engaged in learning other modalities as well. Among these, she studied Aura Healing, Aura Reading, Palmistry, Reading Cards, Psychometry, and Numerology.  She unknowingly practiced what is known as Akashic Records reading and what came to known as channeling.

Her heart holds a special place for being able to bring through the evidence of loved ones in the spirit world to those still here.  “I experienced loss at a young age and it made such a difference to be able to communicate with them after passing. I am so grateful that I can provide evidence for others that loved ones are still with us.”

Committed to her own personal evolution and a commitment to serve, she has studied with some of the world’s best mediums. Now, at a time in her life where she is passing on her years of knowledge in support others of their growth and evolution. “I’m on a mission to help others know that gifts are completely natural and help others in their spiritual unfoldment.” 

Cynthia Rose brings over 40 years of education and experience to her mediumship and psychic work. Her abilities include clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance and sometimes Clairalience or ability to smell.  


When she isn’t reading or teaching,  she loves to play guitar and sing,  get outside with her dogs and enjoy the outdoors. Stay in touch, order her book, or join a circle and Subscribe to her newsletter through Soul Studio. To Book A Reading please click below and it will take you to where you can do that.

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Brendan McCaw

Born a sensitive male, Brendan struggled when he was younger to find his way. His desire to make a difference in this world drew him towards a desire to heal others.

"I started practicing energy work consistently in 2007 while working on a loved one. I discovered an ability to heal and I just knew what to do. (I’m happy to say that loved one is doing well!) I have a great desire to assist clients in their dealings both in the spiritual, and physical plane.

I believe that we are able to heal ourselves. Sometimes we need support from others is helpful in our healing path.  I was born into a Roman Catholic family and my healing journey has taken me into  working with energy through reiki, crystals and other stones. I prefer to be called a spiritual healer as I consider all healing to be spiritual.  I am grateful to be doing what I consider my life’s work."


He has been blessed to have had a number of  Master Healers/teachers come into his life, and he has continued to add new modalities, including becoming a Reiki Master Teacher in 2013. He has  been fortunate to study with Cynthia Rose, Steven Upton, Tony Stockwell, and at the Arthur Findley College with Judith Seaman, and Tim Smith. He is also a life coach and supports others through life changes. 


Healers run in the family and Brendan is a natural born healer. He is a 4th generation healing practitioner.  He has been open to healing energy since he was a youth when his mother was studying a natural form of healing and brought it into his home to practice on him.  As time progressed, his empathic gifts developed, and he begin to use them alongside his corporate career. 


It is an honor to give healings and be a part of an individual’s healing process. Learning to be a healer forms a solid foundation for development in soul work.  Energy and spiritual healing can bring profound effects to the body, mind, spirit and soul.  Whether it is one on one healing sessions, life coaching or teaching others Brendan found his niche as a healer.


Having left being of service in the corporate world he has never been happier as he went on to study different forms of healing. Being of service has always been important to him in everything he does and he loves to help others open to their innate abilities. 

Brendan has been called a “cat whisperer”, and lives in Tucson with his 2 cats, (1 now in spirit) 2 dogs and lovely wife.


 “I do not heal, I am simply the instrument that the Spirit World use for    the healing process”.

                                                Brendan McCaw

Join Brendan for Bi-Monthly healing circle and grief circle.

If you wish to book a one on one session You can contact him at:


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